A Mom’s Words at her Daughter’s Wedding

It’s been a busy week leading up to my daughter’s wedding. To keep the blog posting easy this week-end, let me share my speech for her wedding:

I can’t believe this day is here. There’s so much love and joy surrounding the two of you. Congratulations!

But, this almost didn’t happen. Giselle had given up on the dating scene. It was too painful to have your hopes up high and then have it all come crashing down. She was sad and convinced herself that it was going to be okay to be single. Forever. Just her and her dog, Lucy. But, our family encouraged her to try just one more time. She decided to search for a dog lover. One more chance. “Love me, love my dog!”


And, along came Stephen. He wanted someone different too. Not a local girl. He was searching for a girl from Windsor. Specifically, a dog lover.

From the very beginning, I loved Stephen.He wanted to meet us, Giselle’s parents. And talk to us, spend time with us. Not like the other boyfriends who just made a quick introduction and left on a date. I thought, “This is a family man!”

Stephen is a farmer and I’m big on gardening so we hit it off right away. And he raised sheep. I was in awe of this young man who could help a mama lamb with a difficult birth. He’s a farmer, part- Vet, part obstetrician, what couldn’t he do?


I told Giselle that I hoped they were still together in the spring. Because I wanted to visit the baby lambs. And, they were. Then, I told her, mind you, not that there were any concerns, but I told her, if she ever broke up with Stephen, well, her Dad and I were going to continue seeing him. We loved him that much.

This was meant to be. And, the wedding plans fell into place just like they were meant to be.

From the wedding dress, and invitations to the photographer and officiant to being offered a clerical job and a freezer and a stocked pantry, I cannot thank my friends enough for their outpouring of support for this beautiful couple.

God put the right people in their path so many times. And He arranged for these two young people to meet. And, he saw that it was very good!

Cheers! A toast to Stephen and Giselle! And,  let us not forget their dogs! Because you can’t go wrong marrying a dog lover!

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