Their Shoes #33

Tim has been a regular client of the shelter. He’s always lending a hand.
“I do anything and everything. Whatever is needed. I don’t keep set hours. If I’m here, I help!”
Tim received his shoes yesterday from the shelter.

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis?

“I don’t struggle with anything because of “here” (the shelter). I’ve been taking clothing home for five years now. Everything I wear is from the shelter. And, I probably eat about ten meals a week here. I skip breakfast most days.”

“The good thing about my situation is I’ve been living in the same place for fifteen years. It’s a renovated attic. Like a sauna in the summer and an ice-box in the winter, but it’s my home. Home to a few mice, too! I call them all Mickey until I catch them and kill them.”

What would you like people to know about living in poverty?

“I dare all the critics to go on welfare for a month and see how they fare for themselves! Let them go to food banks and try to stretch their food to make it last.”

“A lot of people are two pay cheques away from poverty. Maybe one. Who are they to talk? It could easily happen to them.”

“To get out of poverty starts with you. Up here (pointing to head). Your mindset. Don’t use your current situation as an excuse to go into depression. Some women have a 1950’s attitude that they need a man to get them out of poverty. There are services available to help you out. Depend on the services to an extent, sure, but try to do things yourself. You have to be your own hero.”

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