Welcome to Windsor!

When I picked up my daughter from the downtown Greyhound bus station, I was struck by how the surrounding neighbourhood didn’t exactly shout out: “Welcome to Windsor!” No rolling out the red carpet here. The neighbourhood had a new aquatic centre nearby, sure, but there was also a rough-looking man busking for money near the LCBO (liquor store), a parking lot with broken pavement and an older building with an ancient rooftop fence.

But, it’s all the way you look at it. I looked again.
I saw a neighbourhood being revived with the new aquatic centre drawing people downtown.


I heard beautiful music being played by a man on his guitar.
And, I spotted purple, white and pink flowers on a colourful roof-top patio.


If I lived there, I’d treasure that rooftop patio!
There was a sign at the bus station:

I guess that mean’s no fun.
But, if you strolled a couple short blocks towards the river, this is what you’d see:

A riverfront trail had plenty of skateboarders, rollerbladers and  bicyclists, too. It doesn’t matter to me what the naysayers say about my fine city; they’ll always find fault wherever they reside.

I love Windsor!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Windsor!

  1. hahaha 🙂 I have said the same 🙂 no fun because fun is an insurance risk lol the photo looks familiar but then again i have been there. before gambling blighted some of the appeal or mde it 😉 depending on point of view 😉 I remember well trips there to see clean city streets? unheard of especially visiting nyc! lol. flower copiously brightening so very much in their time :0.– one of these days if i get lucky lol I’m due to hit stratford probably via yyz then london,ont I look forward to hneywater boiled bagels then woodfired…aka “the Montreal style bagel”” and what passes for chinese but something says non of them kindly northerners know the bliss of a grand green chili cheese fries. hmph 🙂 but If i arrive this way in time there may be some too loud Johnny Winters, Beer and Hungarian food to explore 🙂 perhaps OMG poetry even as stratford stratfprd i[pm avpm wasn’t htat shakespeare?

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