Her Own Gift!

“Mom, sh#t happens. And, we cope.”

Wise words from my daughter, Giselle, the bride-to-be.
I planned to write this week-end’s blog post about my shower gift to her. However, time is short. And, so will be this post!
Sure, we all hear “sh#t happens” but do you vent and carry on about it? How, life isn’t fair? Or, wallow a while? Or, do you push it aside and carry on?
Well, when your daughter tells you, “we cope”, you live up to those words. You put on your big girl panties and carry on with your life. You go to work. You got to mass.  You resume chopping the vegetables, and make meals. Or prepare the bridal shower tea sandwiches. Things need to be done. Keep moving forward. Get ‘er done!
We are all blessed with gifts. Mine is limitless energy. Ability to function on little sleep. You don’t survive 27 years on the midnight shift without that gift, let me tell you. Well, you do, but you can’t garden and write, too!

My daughter, the bride-to-be has struggles of her own. A homeless man told me recently “ the straw he was dealt with was his depression. And, being born after the extremely academic older sister and before the developmentally challenged younger sister.”
My daughter has her own “straw”. But, golly gee, her resilience continues to amaze me. That’s her gift.
And, her strength gives me strength. Isn’t that much better than venting? Stay focused. Stay strong.
I hope Giselle has a wonderful bridal shower, surrounded by lots of love of family and friends.
Next week, do I have a story to tell you about her gift from me!

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