Top Things I Learned

Things I learned from entering my first writing contest:

1)    I wished I paid more attention to Mrs. McPhee, my grade eight English teacher. No one knew grammar like Mrs. McPhee!

2)    Mistakes can be found even on the fortieth re-read.

3)    It’s good to review the fine print of the rules earlier than the night before the contest ends.

4)    When a postal worker asks, ”How important is this to you?”,  it’s best to pay express postage for guaranteed delivery of the story.

5)    Contests expect a self-addressed postcard with the entry.  Having it mailed back confirms receipt of the contest story.

6)    It’s difficult to find postcards unless you’re downtown in a souvenir shop.

7)    One doesn’t have to impress the whole world with your story, just a panel of judges.

8)    I still liked my story even after reading it over so many times.

The post office outlet in the mall informed me they did not sell postcards.  The postal worker insisted no one else in the mall sold them, either!

I thought I would try Coles, a book store. The sales clerk told me they had adult colouring postcards in the form of a book if I would like to purchase the entire book. Their cheapest book cost $6.99. I was in!

I was a little concerned when she mentioned the postcards were called “adult”. If they were pornographic, would I be disqualified? I asked to check out the book. It was all jungle animals. Whew!

I didn’t colour the post card before I sent it off in the same envelope.

But, I did write myself a little note on the card for me to read when it’s returned to me:

You da winner!

Keep positive, friends!


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