Baked With Love!

Comfort foods. We all have them. One taste and nerves are calmed. Brings you to a higher place. Makes you feel good regardless of whatever else is happening in your life. That’s what Nonna’s Christmas cake is like for me. There are two types of people in the world. Those who love fruit cake and… Continue reading Baked With Love!

Their Shoes #12

Jacquie’s shoes were given to her by a friend. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Eating. Having enough food for myself, my husband and my three children. I usually don’t eat. My husband eats a lot. I go to food banks often. I do the circuit of food banks within… Continue reading Their Shoes #12

Resolve to Dream Big!

New Year’s Resolutions. In one year and out the other, right? The only goal I’m making is to keep dreaming big. Life is busy. Work, family and day-to-day life can get into the way of dreams and goals. Dream big anyways. What really do you have to lose? Listen to friends’ advice about what dreams… Continue reading Resolve to Dream Big!