Their Shoes #14

Brent bought his shoes in Grand Bend last year. He remembers because he brought his newly acquired puppy, Sirus, a merle Great Dane, along for the trip.

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis?

“Well, I’ve never been homeless or struggled with poverty myself. I have amazing family. But, I’ve seen other people struggle. Drugs; I think that’s the biggest problem behind poverty. My brother was on drugs. It led to him robbing houses. When he came to my place, I’d be nervous because I knew what he had done before. He stole $60,000 from my Mom. And took other things from my parent’s home, like an expensive framed football jersey. He’s stolen TV’s, even, Mom and Dad’s safe. I’ve seen him go to jail.”

“Mom hated that I would put money in his canteen. She said I was enabling him. He’s still my brother. He went to jail for 2 years, and was out for only three months before getting another 2 year sentence. I think he learned something this time ‘round. He managed to get his high school diploma in jail. He got out on his birthday, just last week. Mom set him up in an apartment. I hope he’s changed. He’s clean now, that much I know.”

“When my brother was in jail the second time, he was approached about doing a hit on a friend of Mom’s, setting the friend up, you know? But, he didn’t do it. That’s what gives me hope he’s changed. He was hurt pretty bad in jail- shivved- because he didn’t go along with the plan. He actually had to be transferred for his safety.”

What would you like people to know about living in poverty?

“You have to realize that everyone’s somebody’s someone. If people thought like that, it could affect others in a positive way. Like maybe they could be more compassionate to people on the street. You never know what another person is going through.”


One thought on “Their Shoes #14

  1. This story is such a sad one. I do hope his brother is on the straight and narrow path now and that he will continue to make amends for his misdeeds to those he hurt. I wish him well in his new life and thank you for sharing this story.


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