Bridal Blessings!

“If someone stabbed Giselle in the back, well, she’s the type of person that would say, ”I’m sorry. Was I in your way?”” A friend described my daughter. She’s just that sweet of a person.

Giselle recently became engaged  to a young man I’ve been fond of from the moment I met him. I couldn’t be happier for the young couple. But, there were a few glitches along the way as can happen. I told Giselle to stay strong, keep being happy and in love. And, that I would ask a group of nuns and lay associates to pray for her situation. Keep the faith!

Well, let me tell you, the Sisters and lay associates certainly know how to pray. God has put the right people in Giselle’s path.

 Christine, the administrator of a homeless shelter and also a close friend, offered Giselle a book-keeping job. She’ll be able to contribute greatly to her wedding now.  Another dear friend of mine, Cindy, volunteered her services as a wedding officiant if Giselle was interested. Why, yes, indeed! Cindy performs one free wedding a year. How wonderful is that?

I suggested Giselle ask if one of our good family friends, Cathy, was available to be a photographer. When approached, she offered to take Giselle’s engagement photos. Cathy told Giselle if she was pleased with them, she’d be happy to be her wedding photographer for free.

A beautiful, first choice of a venue was available on the specific date Giselle desired. Even though they were currently booking months beyond that date. And, last week, another big hurdle was achieved.

A generous friend, Lisa, gave Giselle her wedding dress. Sure, it will need some alterations. But, that’s what keeps seamstresses employed. The dress is far beyond my daughter’s hopes and dreams of what she thought she’d wear to walk down the aisle.

The right people all crossed paths with Giselle. I tell Giselle it’s because she’s such a good person herself that people want to go out of their way to help her. She thinks maybe it’s because she helps so many people daily at her job. When Giselle thanked Lisa for the wedding dress, Lisa said, ”When you have it to give, you just want to share with others.”

All I can say is this wedding is blessed. With so many people praying for Giselle, the blessings just keep on coming. And, they’ve extended to me, too! I found a perfect mother-of-the bride dress in under 10 minutes of shopping. And, on the sale rack to boot!

When a relative mentioned the number one rule for mother-of-the-brides is to stay in the shadows and not be seen, Giselle shook her head, ”No.”

“Mom, I want you to pick a pretty dress, something you really love. I want you looking beautiful. Don’t worry about standing out at all. It’s a very big day for you, too!”

 My dress won’t draw too much attention. A classic, pretty dress. My smile showing the pride I have for Giselle will be the broadest smile I ever wore. But, I know it will be matched by so many in attendance.

Keep being happy and in love, Giselle!


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