Resolve to Dream Big!

New Year’s Resolutions. In one year and out the other, right? The only goal I’m making is to keep dreaming big. Life is busy. Work, family and day-to-day life can get into the way of dreams and goals. Dream big anyways. What really do you have to lose?

Listen to friends’ advice about what dreams you should pursue. Really? Do you think they know better than you do? Actually, yes, they may very well see something in your personality that’s never shone through before. Let it shine like the brightest star.

I caught the “travel bug” after my first airplane ride to Nova Scotia at age 10. I wanted to see the world! I’ve seen quite a few places since that time. My friend, Lori kept encouraging me to write a book about my travels to Haiti, Pakistan, Honduras and elsewhere. Whenever I’d run into her, she’d ask if I started writing yet. The first draft of a novel about my traveling memoirs plus stories of a year at a homeless shelter is now written. The second draft is a third of the way completed. Why? Because Lori wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

Another friend, Christine encouraged me to write a blog. To use it as a stepping stone for my novel. She wouldn’t listen to my ”I don’t have time. I don’t know how to do it.” excuses. Christine totally dismissed my words and told me to do it anyways.

Seven months have passed since my first blog post appeared. In the grand scheme of things, my blog is just a pebble on a beach full of stones. But, skip a stone onto the water, and there you have it: ripples cast out onto the sea.

I’m still learning. I know I don’t take time enough to pursue the craft fully. But, I have fun dreaming big. 100 posts so far. Almost 2000 visitors from over 40 countries.

Dream big for 2017! And, encourage dreams in each other. You just never know what can happen next.

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