Shocking Living Quarters


That was my first thought. I should have been shocked but instead I thought, “Wow. That woman is thinking smart!”

A homeless woman was reportedly sleeping in a large dog crate at night. A folding crate that she stored by day on top of two shopping carts containing her worldly belongings. The crate provided a barrier to anyone who might try to harm her or steal her things when she was asleep.

But, it was shocking. I wouldn’t dream of letting my dog, Sophie stay out for a lengthy period in the cold, let alone spend the night outdoors. Yet, here was a middle-aged woman who, due to complicated circumstances, now slept in a dog crate outside.

And, I’m sure she was hungry, too.

Sophie doesn’t know hunger. She enjoys two types of dog food plus a steady diet of milky bones as treats through the day.

If I can afford to give my dog extra treats, surely I can afford help for this woman. She’s been eating meals at the homeless shelter where I volunteer. Arrangements were made by the shelter’s administrator for paperwork to be processed on her behalf. The most wonderful news is that housing will be available soon – a bachelor apartment! In the meantime, she’s encouraged to give up her dog crate to spend nights at a shelter.  People are  already gathering items for her new place.

This holiday season open your heart to those in need. Open your wallet. Donate to a charity that helps the poor, the homeless and the hungry. We all need a full belly and a safe, warm bed.  No one need sleep in a dog crate outdoors. No dog. And, definitely, no human.

3 thoughts on “Shocking Living Quarters

  1. How Noble of You. God Bless Your Kind Heart. I think, people having pets are much more Kinder.
    Thank God for helping that poor woman. How many people are struggling out there? While we complain on posts about Love and Breakups ?
    Is that our dog in the pic above ?


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