BBQ Season Finale

“Tell people someone tried to take out Big Ant’s BBQ!” Big Ant works security at Caesars Windsor. He also helps out at a homeless shelter. I’m not sure of his title but he oversees operations several days a week. His claim to fame though is his cooking, specifically, his love of barbequing! When Big Ant’s… Continue reading BBQ Season Finale

Their Shoes- #4

“Bob” didn’t want his actual name to be used. “It’s bad enough being poor; I don’t want my friends to know what I’m telling you.” Bob’s shoes were given to him by his Mom. She purchased them at Foot Locker. What is your biggest struggle on a daily basis? “It’s gotta be having to meet… Continue reading Their Shoes- #4

Thirty-Three Years To Go!

34 years of marriage on Nov. 6 and holding. “Only 33 more years to go!”, my hubby, Guy, teased me. Holding hands still and holding each other up, through the tough times. Rejoicing with the good times. There’s no one else I’d rather have by my side. Mom and Dad were married 67 years. Might… Continue reading Thirty-Three Years To Go!