Update on my Friend, Jane!

Remember my friend, Jane? The one who dreamed of racing the Ironman in Hawaii? She kept her goal even after breaking her back a few years ago. She started from zero. Literally baby steps at the beginning. Well, the race is done. Let me share  Jane’s thoughts of her race day with you.

“My whole time in Hawaii was fantastic. In the week leading up to the race, I practiced with many very fit people. The best triathletes from all over the world. Each morning, we’d gather to do practice swims. All of us raved about the beauty of the ocean. We’d see incredible water life, even dolphins!  I practiced the swim course, biked the bike route and ran on the running course. The excitement built each day as Ironman organized fundraisers like the Parade of Nations race. My daughters ran the Underpants Race with me.


“As race day approached, I felt great. The entire week, I could sense the energy building in the air. I felt prepared but also respectful of the race. Everything went smoothly on race day. My swim was good; I started smack in the middle where everyone bumped into each other for the first 500 metres.”

“I found the bike ride to be extremely humbling. Taking in the beautiful scenery of the lava fields while trying to bike with windy gusts which almost blew me over!”


“The run was very challenging, too. But, still it was amazing being in Kona.  I smiled all the way; I absolutely loved the entire day. I was fortunate to have John and both my girls there to cheer me on.“


“Many times thoughout the race, I’d reflect on family and friends who supported me on my journey. They were all with me in spirit that day.“

My friend, Jane is humble to the end, isn’t she? But, I cannot resist bragging for her. I know you want to learn how she placed!

When she finished the swim portion of the race, she was in 30th place for her age group. She passed many people on her bike, despite the strong gusts of wind, to advance to 18th place. And, she stayed strong to continue to dash by others. Jane placed 7th at the finish. Seventh place in the world!

My world-class friend, Jane!  I am so proud of her!


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