Their Shoes- #6

Chris’s shoes were donated by the homeless shelter. Chris works at a grocery store, corralling buggies. He also volunteers on his days off at the shelter, serving food and washing dishes.

What do you think is the biggest struggle facing the poor on a daily basis?

“The biggest problem for them is being hungry.  Often times, they come here during the week but not on the week-end. I’m not sure why it’s that way. On the week-end, they may be by themselves without food.”

“It’s a struggle for them to try to find work- to get a job. They may have been fired. Or they don’t have enough education or training. They need to be helped to get experience like I got from Community Living Windsor (an organization supporting  adults with an intellectual disability). They helped me. They found me work at Taco Bell. I’m on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). I have a drug plan; I’m lucky that way. I work at Metro (grocery store) but I’m laid off now while remodeling is going on. It’s temporary.”

“The homeless may have issues inside them- mental problems – that make them mad at the world. They have a hard time with ” fighting”. Many don’t get along with others. They need counselling or to talk to someone about their problems. They could be having marriage problems.”

“On church nights (the shelter hosts a church service every Monday night), the homeless come in with no clothes (coats) and they have no food. We feed them and hand out lunch packs.”

“My parents divorced for four years. I was put into a group home when that happened.For five years I had to attend a special school to help me out. Later, when I was 20, I ran away from my parents and ended up in Redemption House for a while.”

“When I see people struggling, I pray for them to get through the day or to get through the week-end. I just pray for them.”

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