Their Shoes- #5


Anthony (or “Big Ant” as he’s fondly called) received his red Jordan shoes from a friend.

Big Ant works security at Caesars Windsor and is an operations manager at the homeless shelter. He helps out with cooking to feed 200 people a day, serves clients , distributes hygiene kits, washes dishes and does whatever else needs to be done to keep the place running smoothly.

What is your biggest struggle on a daily basis?

“That would have to be feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner to the homeless. You never know how many people you’re going to have to feed in a day. I need to have a “back-up” meal for times when the main meal runs out…like serving tuna sandwiches or hot dogs. Sometimes, I need to “smash out” sandwiches in a hurry. These people are hungry; you gotta feed them.”

What do you think is the biggest struggle facing the poor on a daily basis?

“Food. Definitely, food. They also need good people to help them out.”

“The homeless need housing; they need shelter.  They may be living under a bridge. They may be making a shelter out of anything they can make it out of. When I was in cadets, we were taught to build a shelter out of snow. We had thermal sleeping bags, mind you! At Camp Borden, you had to take turns for “fire watch” duty. You couldn’t let the fire go out. Well, the homeless do the same; they build fires to keep warm.“

“The homeless may have a ways to walk before they can find a place with free showers or to use a bathroom. They’ll use the bathrooms at Tim Horton’s, at this shelter, at the Salvation Army or even at the 7-ll convenience store.”

“The homeless need clothing in the winter- coats, boots- they’re all needed to stay warm.  Frostbite is no joke!”

What do you think people should know about poverty?

“I think people have to realize that if you have no way of earning money or receiving money, then you have to find a way to get money.  And, I don’t mean by doing anything bad although that can happen, too. People need to get jobs. CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) will help people out to get them “job-ready”. CMHA will help them with their thinking on how to find work. Tell everyone that!”


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