One Sure-Fire Trick!


“I want you to do this. Every morning before you get out of bed, do this.”

My family doctor offered his wisdom on how to deal with stressors in my life. Stress over things I couldn’t change. Stress ate at me. You’d think I’d be thin by now but actually the cortisol from being under constant stress had the opposite effect.

“Every morning, think of three positive things that happened the day before. Focus on them.”

I took his advice. It really did help.

It takes time to build a habit. But, it can be done. If you can’t recall three positive things, try thinking of three things you’re thankful for in your life. Change that thinking!

I count myself lucky to have worked alongside one of the most cheerful people you could ever meet.  A man named Sonny. With a personality that lived up to his name. He had the biggest smile and chuckled often. I met him in Haiti. Even though he lacked a medical background, Sonny was a translator for our disaster relief team. He made me chuckle at some of his coarse translations, too!

We worked under unbearable conditions and dealt with sad situations.  Yet, Sonny found things to be thankful for in spite of it all. Our team.  Medicine.  Bottled water from the Canadian Navy.  Spicy pasta prepared by our Haitian cook.

I asked Sonny where he was when the catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti. He was at mass. On a Tuesday afternoon. The church was destroyed. The priest and many parishioners were killed. We both agreed that if you were about to die, then being in church would probably be a good thing to have happened to you.

Around our relief tents, children, often shoeless, flew kites fashioned from pieces of garbage. Finding joy in the midst of chaos. Beautiful souls playing in the sunshine.


Life is hard. Look for the good in it anyways. Life’s too short to be robbed of joy! Stay positive, my friends!

5 thoughts on “One Sure-Fire Trick!

  1. Have you heard from Sonny since you left Haiti? A larger-than-life character, how anyone stays that positive during what he went through is beyond me! Love the photo of the child with the “custom-made” kite.

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  2. Wow you wudnt believe it it’s something I learnt too in one of the sessions our organisation had arranged. Before sleeping thinking about achievements or act of gratitude or kindness and in the morning being thankful. I tried doing it for sometime but later it faded off. But I’ll tell you something I starter practising all day. In times of low or difficulties I bring myself back to smiling and staying positive and try to show compassion instead of anger towards the unkind. Thank you for sharing

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  3. This is an inspirational post and Sonny sounds wonderful. I think, and I could be wrong, but some people have a natural and happy (sunny) disposition and even when the norms of life hit them, they deal with it with a positive focus and then move on. I’m so very fortunate that I have that in me and I have wondered, every now and again, where, how or from whom I inherited this nature but I have no answer for you or for myself. I just count my lucky stars that I’ve been so blessed.
    Thank you for this thought-provoking post and for following me. I will explore more of your site and am definitely following you. ~ Wendy 😊


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