Their Shoes- #1

Sarah-Lynn’s shoes and clothing were donated by the shelter.

Tell me about living in poverty.

“One of the hardest things about living in poverty was learning to accept getting by without enough money on a daily basis. Dealing with bill collectors. Having to borrow from friends and then losing those friends in the process was stressful. Wondering where I was going to live. And, having to always depend on people.”

What is your biggest struggle on a daily basis?

“The biggest struggle was not working and the battle to keep away from drugs. Having a heart attack turned out to be the biggest help for it made me strive to keep clean. It’s nice to be clean and not have drugs control me.”

“Before, it was better to be stoned or drunk than to deal with everyday problems. This led to me being in the wrong situations and that’s how you end up doing things you shouldn’t do. You lose yourself.”

“I’ve been clean since my heart attack. I’m in control of my life now. It feels great!”

Sarah-Lynn works at the homeless shelter, giving back to others through serving food, providing clothing and hygiene products. The homeless relate to her easily as she’s “been there” and understands their struggles.

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