Peaceful Poppies for Dad

Mom, two of my sisters and I were ushered from Dad’s bedside into the ICU quiet room. On the wall was a large painting of whimsical poppies on thin stems. Strong stems to support big flowers of crepe paper texture. Delicate yet strong.

I’ve always loved poppies since watching The Wizard of Oz as a child. It took me many years before I could watch the movie in its entirety. I always excused myself to “go to the bathroom” at the scary flying monkey scenes. Who did I think I was fooling?

I think it would be very soft to lie down in a field of poppies like Dorothy. But, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bend a beautiful flower with such a short blooming period in the first place.

I took a photo of the painting and posted it on Facebook later. My friend, Sheri, an ICU nurse God placed in my path the previous night to assist Dad’s assigned nurse, saw my post. She told me Dad’s day nurse, the night nurse and herself were in Dad’s hospital room together in the evening. Dad had passed in the morning. Sheri told me a beautiful sunset was observed from my father’s hospital room window. In that moment of majesty and beauty, she knew my Dad was safe in the arms of the Master.

Dad had passed peacefully and quickly. He lived a vibrant 94 years. Still drove and lived at home. Read two newspapers a day. Watched Netflix. I took over tending his flower gardens but he still supervised. I’m gonna miss him so much!!

But, right now I’m relieved he passed over to Heaven with peace. That he never became ill with cancer. That he never was struck with dementia like his 96 year old sister.

Today we will celebrate his life at visitation. This morning, I woke up to see pink colours in the sky. Keep painting the sky, God. Reassuring me all is well.


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