Live and Let Die?

They looked innocent enough. My hubby and I thought they were bees, flying into a tiny crack in the brick foundation of our home. And, tree hugger environmentalists would be up in arms if we started killing bees. I might get chained to a tree or something. When the number of insects started increasing, we took a closer look and snapped a photo. After enlarging the photo and checking Google, we learned the insects were wasps!

I decided I needed to break my rule of “Live and let live” in the garden. Well, technically they were in the foundation of the house not my garden. We bought a foam spray specifically for wasps and sprayed the crack many times.

Meanwhile, a flood hit the city. My sister teased me, ”First, a tornado. Then, a flood. What’s next? Locusts?” We shared a good laugh.

Later, that night, I went to check the water situation in the lower basement. In a storage area underneath the front porch. The room where I store plastic bins of Halloween and Christmas décor. There was a large puddle of water in the room. I heard a buzzing sound. A very loud buzzing sound. I looked up to see where it was coming from.


A 10” diameter wasp nest was near the ceiling! Yup. On the other side of that little crack in the foundation. Yikes! I had visions of the “My Girl” movie where the boy dies after getting stung by a swarm of bees.  Yet, I had to stay and watch a minute. And, take a photo. You know, the mud swirls in the nest are quite lovely.

Well, we’ve sprayed the nest several times from both sides of the wall. Those wasps just are not dying. I keep the door leading from the laundry room to the storage area closed. For safe measure, I’ve put a towel under the bottom of the door.

And, tonight, my hubby will buy another type of wasp poison. Fingers crossed! The sound of a nest full of wasps is something unforgettable. When the buzzing stops, it will be safe, once more, to go into the laundry room. Until then, I’m just going to give them a little space and make a new rule: They are to stay on their side of the door and I’ll stay on my side.


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