Every Life Counts!

“The man’s lips and fingertips were blue and he was unresponsive. He was slumped in the backseat of a car where he and two buddies were smoking Fentanyl. His friend ran into the AIDS Committee’s office. A person working there had just what was needed: Narcan. He injected the lifeless man with Narcan. After three minutes, the man’s eyes opened. And, at four minutes, he took a deep breath!”

I was telling Christine,the administrator of the homeless shelter, of the incident I read about in The Windsor Star newspaper. Apparently, pharmacies will distribute the Narcan (Naloxone) kits after a half hour training session. I told her I really don’t think I need to learn how to give a shot- or as the newspaper called it- “a jab in the leg”- after 29 years of nursing. But, I will do “my homework” in order to get a kit. I figure as a nurse, it’s the least  I can do. My responsibility. Every life counts.Whether it’s someone overdosing on Fentanyl or you or me in other circumstances.

Apparently, when Fentanyl overdose situations happen, and 911 is called, the operator informs the caller that police will be called as well as an ambulance. The caller panics at this point because he/she doesn’t want police involvement. Someone has to help them.

There was a young pregnant woman crying outside the shelter today. Complicated issues. Christine offered her privacy and support. No questions; just a shoulder to cry on and an ear for listening. If you think you’re having a bad day, spend a moment here. You’ll gain a different perspective quickly.

It was a slow day for serving but an amazing day for donations! We are getting plenty of food for our Thanksgiving meal. Donations of carrots, potatoes, onions, gigantic squash of all sorts and lots of freshly picked apples.




Hoping for some turkey and ham donations, too.” The Lord will provide!” That’s what Christine always says.

The Windsor Christian Fellowship donated a large van recently. The shelter had it painted a bright orange colour and will have the StreetHelp logo on it soon. How wonderful is that?


But, the donation I thought was the sweetest was one after my own heart. I’m a big lover of sunflowers. Anyone who knows me knows that. The donation was little bags of sunflower seeds, with a tiny sunflower and a ribbon to tie the bag closed. Every donation is appreciated, big or small.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week-end everyone!

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