“Social media is full of people either boasting or complaining!”

How many times have you heard that comment?

Not exactly true. My news feed on Facebook displayed 12 shares of the same tragic news. A co-worker, a nurse, lost a daughter in an instant. She joins the club not one of us would willingly join. The grieving parent club. She’s not alone as a half-dozen fellow nurses come quickly to mind. In addition, are those who’ve lost nieces and nephews unexpectedly .

Social media makes us aware of situations we might otherwise not hear about. Nurses are, by nature, compassionate. Add a crisis and we’re there. We’ll shoulder the pain although we can’t make it disappear. We’ll attend funerals and wakes, give flowers and food, and offer prayers. To say, “I care and I wish it weren’t so. I’m here for you.”

I contacted by e-mail—more media—a group of nuns and associate nuns I count as friends. I asked for prayers for my friend and her family. Through that same network, I learned of the murder of two nuns in Mississippi. Good people; they were nurse practitioners who served the poor. An intruder broke into their residence and killed them both. The network of nuns’ response? They asked for prayers for the nuns and their families. But, as well for the perpetrators and their families. Compassion.Forgiveness.

One of the nurses who lost a son because of a drunk driver showed compassion beyond words. In a front page newspaper article, she spoke of forgiveness for the driver. She didn’t want him to suffer for the rest of his life.

Another nurse hosts an art show on the anniversary of her daughter’s death. Displays and sells her daughter’s artwork alongside the artwork of an upcoming artist. Puts all the proceeds towards a university bursary. Making the best of absolute worst times. Seeing hope arise out of ashes.

Life goes on, as painful as it can be at times. So, sure, go ahead post thirty pictures of your baby, your toddler, your fur baby. Post 200 photos of your dream vacation. I want to share in your joy and happiness. And, feel free to inform others of the not so easy times in your life…your friends will care and be there for you. Hold your loved ones just a little bit closer today. Life is precious.


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