Passion for Petunias

Easy Wave Pink Passion Petunias.

Who would have known a bunny fancied them?

In late spring, my sister planted these particular petunias at my Dad’s request in my parents’ garden. At that time, the petunias were surrounded by a spreading white flower called Snow in Summer. The Snow in Summer died down later leaving several bare areas. Dad doesn’t care for bare spots in the garden.

“Do you think you could find me some more petunias? I like the pink ones.”

Now, that’s the kind of errand I like to run; a trip to a garden centre! I took the little ticket with the name of the petunia on it. My OCD made me want to match the pink up perfectly. It took three trips to different places but I found the exact same petunias. There were five plants left. Two looked sickly but I figured I could nurse them back to good health, no problem.

I planted the five plants. I felt pleased how they filled in the bare area perfectly, knowing they would spread later on.

The next day, my Mom phoned me.

“You won’t believe what happened. A bunny ate all the pink flowers. Except one.”

I guess the bunny was too full to eat the sole remaining plant. A bunny with a penchant for pink petunias! My parents have a garden full of flowers. Yet, the bunny zeroed in on only the petunias. What to do?

I arrived at my parents’ home, armed with No Name chilli powder and cayenne pepper. I sprinkled it over the remains of the petunias. I had nothing left to lose.


“As long as the bunny doesn’t have a hankering for spicy food, your plants should be okay.”

Luck was on our side. The bunny didn’t care for spicy petunias. You know how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Well, the petunias may be blander there also. My parents’ pink petunias were left untouched.


Mom and Dad enjoyed their splash of pink in the front yard the rest of summer. Even now, the flowers are still going strong. Makes me wonder how the neighbours’ flowers fared…


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