Music of Angels

Julianna, the mother of twin blind girls, again sat in the pew in front of me. But, the girls weren’t with her. I was early for mass. After some time passed, the mother rose from her seat, and moved. That’s when I noticed the two daughters, sitting in a pew closest to the choir. Julianna sat down beside them.
I thought,” Well, isn’t that nice? They can’t see but they’ll enjoy the choir better sitting there. Hear the music more intensely.”

I learned last week the twins attend university! I thought them much younger. I was happy to hear they were doing so well, in spite of their struggles.

Then, a most wondrous thing happened. I saw them both lift a stick in their hands. I thought nothing of it, assuming the sticks were their white canes.

The sticks weren’t their canes. They were bows…for violins! The girls, each clutching a violin and bow, were carefully led to the choir area. They were seated together and the choir leader spoke with them.

The opening hymn began. The girls picked up their instruments and the uplifting sound of music filled the church. I was in complete awe of the girls’ talent; their ability to overcome their obstacles in life and be able to play beautiful music.

Who would have known?

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