Butterflies and Wild Flowers

We’re all individuals. Many of us try to change ourselves to be more like our friends. Especially the friends who seem to “have it all”. While it’s commendable to try to better yourself and be all you can be, I say keep your uniqueness. People will be attracted to you for who you are.  When you’re happy with yourself, others desire to be around you.

Every year, without seeds being sowed, cosmos flowers force themselves up through the patio cement in my backyard. 


These plants stand taller than any other cosmos found in my garden. The other day, an incredibly unique butterfly favoured these blooms over any others in my various flower beds.

Be who you are. Stand tall. You’re beautiful in your own way. And, wonderful people will be attracted to you, just like the butterfly to the free-spirited cosmos.

This world is vast enough for all types of flowers to bloom after all! Grow wild!


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