She spoke barely any English, and when she did it was in a quiet, soft voice. Like how you’d speak if you’re unsure of correct pronunciation. She was a young woman, dressed in a black floor-length, flowing dress with a matching hijab. I assumed she was married, with children. You see, the amount of food… Continue reading Faith

Homeless among the Sunflowers

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sunflowers and the homeless. Across the street from the shelter a local business grows sunflowers alongside the wall of their building each summer. Last night, I saw a homeless man sleeping on the bench in front of the sunflowers. It’s a little tricky to see in the… Continue reading Homeless among the Sunflowers

A Lesson in Mercy

Tomorrow’s Dad’s 94th birthday. Time for a life lesson from Dad, the wisest man I know. In the year after Dad had a stent inserted into a cardiac artery, he had no further cardiac trouble at all. Or since, as a matter of fact. But, he developed some issues from starting on a blood thinner.… Continue reading A Lesson in Mercy

This is a post from Roberta Pimentel, who’s helping out fellow bloggers. Just letting more of you know of this wonderful opportunity!   It has been a fantastic journey here on WordPress and I have met a lot of nice people. I am a strong believer in helping one another on the way to the top. I… Continue reading

Can you see? Really see?

Ever find you can’t see something when it’s right there in front of you? Oh, yeah! “Giselle, have you seen the fat permanent marker?” My daughter shook her head “no”. “I’m gonna do something really smart. Label the shampoo and conditioner bottles with a big “S” and “C”. I hate it when I grab the… Continue reading Can you see? Really see?

The Pool Shark

And the legend of the pool-shark lives on, you could say! My husband, Guy and I attended a BBQ last Saturday when we noticed small bean bags being thrown across the lawn. Guy was asked by his sister if he was going to play the bean-bag toss game. Sort of like lawn darts but apparently… Continue reading The Pool Shark

Apples and Toothless Smiles

  Tendonitis prevented me from serving at the homeless shelter today. So, let me share a tale from last summer. A  sad-looking, older woman named Valerie sat alone at a table. When I smiled at her, she smiled back instantly and beckoned me to come over. She then asked if I had a bag to… Continue reading Apples and Toothless Smiles