Hope for the Homeless


This week I spotted chamomile growing in the alley near the homeless shelter. Always a little beauty to be found among the weeds and concrete.


Chicken and penne were served for lunch. When they were depleted, a big stock pot of hearty vegetable soup was available, plus crackers. Big Ant and I cut up half of the world’s largest seedless watermelon. Super sweet!


An average amount of clientele popped by; everyone was cheerful, thankful and a pleasure to be around. They readily help out when donations are to be carried in from donor’s vehicles. We received pasta and salad from Caboto Club, a plethora of frozen French fries, and six boxes of fresh hamburger and hot dog buns. And cute little gourmet tomatoes. I added them to the donated salad.


Plenty of volunteers working today; some are formerly homeless and others are “working poor”. Dedicated, hard-working individuals. Dishwashing duties were shared. I had an opportunity to help out in the kitchen, too. Sorted through the cooked turkey meat, picked out all of the bones. Nothing is wasted here. Turkey soup will be made with the bones.

We are privy to KFC’s secret recipe. Apparently, the Colonel’s nephew spilled the beans on the CBC website. We need to purchase white pepper and then will be ready to go! The plan is to fry some chicken in a wok and bake the rest, all with the Colonel’s secret recipe.

When I was leaving, a young woman from the YMCA came by offering a skills building and employment supports program. Classroom  preparation is for four weeks and is all paid. Then, eight weeks of paid employment with tailored supports or assistance with further training is available. Several people were quite interested. Never lose hope!

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