Taking Charge!

The world is full of givers and takers. And the takers have no respect for boundaries. It was time to be responsible for my own happiness. I needed to weed out the negativity in my life. And, I knew just where to start. In the garden!

But, I couldn’t do it alone. I enlisted my two daughters’ help.

“I need your help, please. My tendonitis is acting up and I need to pull out the Obedience plants.”

Much as I loved their long lasting late-summer to fall white and purple blooms, a fungus existed in either their roots or the soil. Every day, several plants died. It got to the point I only saw the withered up brown plants. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees; I mean the good plants for the dying plants. I gave them many chances to improve. For several summers, I looked past their imperfections. I stood by them through tough times. But, it was always give, give, give on my part. I gave them water, fungicide, nematodes and  Miracle-Gro. You name it, I tried it.  

But, no more. I needed to set limits. Draw my line in the sand. I had to remove the plants from my life. Or the soil. I read of a horticulturalist replacing 24” of diseased soil and still the fungus persisted. Heck, I was going to the root of the problem.  The plants had to go! I was cultivating a new awareness. Going to surround myself with positive plants. Plants that would bring me happiness. I was going to take charge and identify what I didn’t want in my life. Make some new goals.

“Sure, Mom, no problem.”

The Obedience plants were pulled. Their tuberous roots reached everywhere. I knew change wouldn’t come easy. I just didn’t know it would be this difficult! Covering up the problem with a layer of mulch proved helpful. But, not as helpful as Roundup and more mulch. A person has to take responsibility for their own happiness. And, sometimes enlist those around them for help.

I was grateful for my daughter’s help. I had a new vision of the garden.

The Dis-Obedience plants came back to life and poked through the mulch. I consulted another self-help happiness website. Oh, I see…I needed to laugh more- especially at myself.

I have a farmer friend. He told me he knew of “real” Round-Up. Not the diluted type sold around here. I think I’m going to get some. Get rid of my toxic relationship. I would be free!

He who laughs last, laughs longest!


4 thoughts on “Taking Charge!

  1. I once thought I wasn’t tough enough for any kind of gardening. I didn’t want to pull out any plants, even the ones that were threatening to take over the whole yard!

    But once a certain group of tiger lilies overstepped their boundaries and tried to choke off some other faves that I had slaved over, I found out I was ready to pull them up and then salt and burn their remains . . . .

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