A Heart of Gold

She’s done so much for others, struggled through more than a person should in life and still manages to keep on keeping on…Sarah-Lynn Ellis has volunteered at Street Help Homeless Centre in Windsor for years. She helps with cooking, serving, cleaning, handing out hygiene packages, washing dishes, sorting clothes, taking out the garbage and yup, cleaning the bathrooms. But, what most people know best about Sarah-Lynn is her heart. She’s got a heart of gold and she wears it on her sleeve, you could say. She’s quick with a hug to whoever happens to need one at any moment. No matter if that person is in a rough way, which would be offensive to most people, is of no issue to Sarah-Lynn. She’s there to help them pick up the pieces of their life and keep on carrying on.

So, it happened. That big heart of hers suffered a heart attack. And, Sarah-Lynn is to have a double bypass surgery in London soon, perhaps tomorrow. She’s worried and concerned, but her wonderful nature still speaks volumes. She says that many people have asked what they can do to help. Her reply? Go help out at Street Help. That it would be a rewarding experience for whoever does so. Always thinking of others, that Sarah-Lynn! And she asks the good Lord for prayers for all those people who are trying to help get her better and for a speedy recovery for herself, if possible.

My words to Sarah-Lynn? The Great Physician has got you covered.

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