Homeless among the Sunflowers

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sunflowers and the homeless.
Across the street from the shelter a local business grows sunflowers alongside the wall of their building each summer. Last night, I saw a homeless man sleeping on the bench in front of the sunflowers. It’s a little tricky to see in the photo but you’ll get the idea. And, I thought, that’s pretty smart of him rather than sleeping in an alley or near a dumpster where he could get hurt. Sleep out in plain view of the rest of the world. Probably a heck of a lot safer.
It was a quiet day today at the shelter and there was plenty of help. For lunch, there were hot dogs with buns, potatoes and corn on the cob!! I do believe there was a donation of a case of French’s ketchup as well.
Plenty of ice and bottled water to keep everyone cool on a hot summer’s day.
For supper, roast beef, corn and potatoes were served. A great day for eating well!
One of the volunteers cut up watermelon and displayed it rather nicely. And, there were oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate chip cookies too.

The shelter received a truly generous donation. A 2001 diesel van! It’s in the shop getting ready for the road. Then, it will be painted bright orange, the shelter’s “colour” and have the logo on it. What a wonderful donation!

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