Can you see? Really see?

Ever find you can’t see something when it’s right there in front of you? Oh, yeah!
“Giselle, have you seen the fat permanent marker?”
My daughter shook her head “no”.
“I’m gonna do something really smart. Label the shampoo and conditioner bottles with a big “S” and “C”. I hate it when I grab the wrong one in the shower.”
Unless you’re blessed with perfect vision, this has probably happened to you. Or, you can imagine how it would happen for me; blind in one eye and can’t see in the other without a contact lens. And the lens is not in when showering.
My other daughter, Monique had given me the perfect birthday gift this year. Schwarzkopf shampoo. The really nice kind found in salons. Years of chlorine exposure from swimming, and sun exposure from my love of the outdoors has damaged my hair. And, now that those pesky silver and gray hairs have worked their way into my life, I can add colouring my hair as a third cause of hair damage.
I’m not much of a materialistic person but I fell in love with the shampoo in spite of myself. But, like all good things, it came to an end. I couldn’t squeeze another drop out of the bottle. I found myself lured in the direction of a neighbouring hair salon, one I’ve never stepped into before. And, there they were, a boxed set of Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner, in Costco sizes! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. They were initially priced 50% off. Another sign stated clearly: 40% off sale. And, on the shelf was another sign: 20% off.
The hair stylist left her balding customer to help me. Life just got better. Yes, the price was 40% off the half-off  price. Then, an additional 20% off. I was asked if I wanted to pay for my purchase now. I hesitated. Not because I was trying to bargain. But, because, I was attempting to “do the math” in my head. My hesitation prompted a further drop in price.
“No tax if you pay in cash.”
The deal was sealed. I paid quickly before she realized the error of her ways.
Now that I had the two giant bottles, I had a new problem. I usually put the shampoo on the top shelf of the shower caddy and the conditioner on the bottom shelf. To be able to tell them apart without seeing the labels. But, these bottles were huge. No sitting on the shelf for them! They were to stand tall on the floor of the shower. The bottles looked identical. The only solution was to label them with a marker.
I hunted down the fat permanent black marker, and picked up the bottle of shampoo first.
“Giselle, I’m just going to find a blank space on the bottle and write a big “S”.”
I turned the bottle.

“What?!? Look at this!This is the biggest ‘S” imaginable; it’s already there. Well, isn’t that something, maybe, the hairdressers were having a hard time reading the labels, too?”
And, then, it made me wonder. How often do I not see something right in front of me? How often am I so busy running from task to task that I can’t see the big picture?
Funny, how a label on a shampoo bottle made me stop to “breathe”, refocus and prioritize a busy day. Of course, I still multitasked. That’s me.

“Let’s go walk the dogs, Giselle. You wanted to tell me what’s new with you.”



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