Castles in the Sky

Let me tell you about one of my favourite people. He’s someone I’ve never even met. St. Thomas. Most people have heard of the apostle Thomas. You know, the one called Doubting Thomas. But, many don’t know what he did for the poor. Legend has it he drew the short straw among the apostles and was sent all the way to India to evangelize. Once there, Thomas, being an architect by trade was commissioned by a great King to build a castle. The king gave Thomas a large sum of money and then left on a trip. So, did the architect build a stately castle? Nooooooo!! Thomas instead gave all the king’s money to the poor. That’s why I like him. When the king returned, he found he had no castle and no money. He summoned Thomas & asked him where his castle was. Thomas explained because of all the good works the king did by having his money donated to the poor, a castle was built for him in Heaven. That didn’t exactly sit well with the King. It landed Thomas in jail, actually.However, the story goes on the king’s brother, who had mysteriously died, appeared to the king in a dream. The  brother told the king what Thomas said was indeed true and that he loved his heavenly castle. The king let Thomas free from jail. To continue doing his good works.
When I think of all the donations given to me over the last couple of years for the homeless shelter, it makes me happy. There must be a lot of construction of castles going on in Heaven lately. What a beautiful sight it must be!


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