Found in Chinatown

Funny how the unexpected can take your breath away and pull at your heartstrings.
I strolled alone in the metropolis of Calgary, killing time before attending a wedding. Camera strapped over one shoulder ready to aim at buildings and unique statues. And at whatever else caught my fancy, like magpies and chipmunk-like gophers. Purse tucked securely under my arm.
I decided to check out Chinatown. I loved the sights and colours of the markets when visiting such a district in New York before. The fishy odours not so much.
Well, maybe I was barely on the outskirts of it, not in the thick of Calgary’s Chinatown. Because it looked small and disappointing to me. Everything was located inside stores and restaurants except for one small produce stall on the sidewalk. No rows of fish smiling back at me, no ducks hanging upside down. No embroidered purses in a row waiting to be purchased.
I opened my eyes wider and then I saw the real Chinatown. I saw love that’s spanned decades:

I saw resilience:

I saw love of companionship:

I saw the prettiest shade of hydrangeas ever:

china3I saw young people in love:

I saw the cutest garbage cans in the country:


I saw love of family:

And, it all made me happy!

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