Thrills for Three Coupons Each!

“We should’ve checked the height restrictions!!”

I convinced Guy it’d be fun to go for a Ferris wheel ride late at night. But, on arriving at the downtown Windsor riverfront, I was swept up by the atmosphere. Two more rides caught my interest. We purchased a big strip of coupons, enough for at least three rides.



The Ferris Wheel was our first ride. When seated in the gondola, I asked the carnival ride operator where the seatbelts were. And the safety bar. He just laughed and replied the ride was safe. It was super smooth and moved faster than I ever remembered. No problem except I’m afraid of heights. I kept my eye on the Detroit skyline instead of looking down. Okay, I did look down twice. Just to see if it scared me. Yup. It did. When we exited the ride, the girl who exited in front of us promptly tossed her cookies.  Rides affect us all differently.



The second ride was called Musik Express. Cars on a track going up and down, to a faster and faster speed. The rules insisted that the heavier person be seated on the left. I was completely squishing Guy, moving to the left with each dip. I couldn’t figure out how the young blonde in front of us, with the Daddy’s Little Girl tattoo between her shoulder blades, could actually stay in position on the right side.

I turned to Guy, and told him, “This ride isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I have no vertigo at all.” And, just like that, the ride changed course. We started moving in reverse! The colours, the flashing lights, the loud music: “Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy” and the speed of the ride were almost too much. Just the right amount for excitement and thrills. I savoured all the sensations but was relieved when the ride came to a complete stop. I don’t do backwards rides well, I learned.

The third ride, The Pharaoh’s Fury, looked like it’d be fine. I figured as long as there was no spinning, I’d cope okay and have fun. A swinging ship ride. Swinging in an arc 54’ high. I let Guy choose our seats at the very end. What was I thinking? It started out slowly swinging. I kept my eyes focused on the only other riders who were at the opposite end, a Dad with his son and daughter. Why weren’t they screaming? Do the Dad and son really have their hands held high in the air? We’re now at a 90 degree angle, gone from horizontal to vertical and I’m certain I’m gonna slip on out. I’m screaming, “What was the height restriction, Guy? If it’s under 5’, I’m dead.“  He’s grinning at me. If I let go, surely I will slip out and end up flat as a pancake on the cement. Or be pitched into the Detroit River. I braced my feet with all my might and had a death grip on the safety bar with one hand and on Guy with the other. I closed my eyes each time we became vertical. I couldn’t look down to see where I was going to land. The ride began to slow.

The operator unlocked our safety bar. I asked, “Do you ever lose people on this ride?” He laughed and shook his head, “No.” I think he’s paid to say that.

Well, it was a thrilling way to get closer to your significant other, I’ll say that much! Totally recommend for a date night. I can’t wait for next time!

We had four coupons left from our strip of coupons. No single riders were allowed on rides. Guy offered them to a family. The young daughter said, “Thank you man! That was really nice of you!”

A great way to end a fun night.

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