Careful What You Post!

Another great day at the shelter!
For lunch, mushroom rice, lentil soup and meat sandwiches made with hamburger buns were on the menu. You use what’s available here. And plenty of hamburger buns were donated lately. I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of meat was in the sandwiches. When I asked a homeless man, he replied,” Tastes like pork chops!” No wonder they were all finished, not a crumb remaining.
Helped Big Ant in the kitchen with washing potatoes, and dicing them up. We used the biggest pot we could find at the back of the highest shelf! Big Ant told me that his reach is seven feet.  And he still had to stand on a milk crate to retrieve it. Supper tonight was hamburgers, mac ‘n cheese, beans and also…some ribs!
Clothing, shoes and hygiene products- toothpaste, soaps, pads, etc.-were donated by co-workers at Family Birthing Centre. And soaps, shampoos and conditioners from my sister, Nina. Thanks so much!
We received more clothing donations today and a  generous banquet hall donation: 1 tray of roasted chicken, 1 tray of salad, and 2 trays of pasta! Lots of food for tomorrow. The cook will get a break.
I had another easy day for washing dishes. My dishwashing partner was here but is going to be away for three weeks. Life just won’t be the same without him at my side.
Talked with a young couple going through a rough patch…they had to flee where they were staying. The other people in the house burned their ID and some of their belongings. You never really know what struggles people are going through, do you? People become homeless for many reasons. But, it wasn’t enough for the “bad guys” to burn their stuff. They sent them a photo of the fire and belongings in a Facebook message. I have a feeling they incriminated themselves.

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