Tale of a Nail

Talk about a rough night for Monique! First, things had ended between her and a guy after a seven year history of friendship. Then, my hubby, Guy received a frantic call from Monique. She’s panicking; mice are scurrying about her apartment. Could he please pick her up so she could sleep at out place? Bless, Guy, he did just that. And when I came home from working midnights at the hospital, Monique asked to borrow my car to retrieve some of her belongings. No problem. I was going to bed anyways.
Well, Monique’s night-into-day got worse. A tire blew out as she merged onto EC Row Expressway! My little red car with Monique belted inside, was tossed across two lanes of traffic to a sort of soft landing in a snow-filled ditch. I knew snow was good for something. Aside from a sore back, Monique was unscathed. Miraculous.
Now, two years later, we’re trying to get the accident cleared. Current employment as a driver is dependent on her not being at blame for the accident. A trip to Service Ontario stated Monique had a clean driving record. The visit to State Farm Insurance was hopeful. They will look into it again if we “give them something”. Going to Gus Revenberg car dealership was rewarding. A clerk dug into the archives and printed out colour photos of the car, and the blown out tire. With a roofing nail imbedded in it. Back to State Farm, only to hear, “Is that all you got?”” Two trips to a paralegal later, and we could hand over the paralegal’s nice letter to our grumpy insurance agent.
But, at the end of the day, mechanical failure or not, the Highway Traffic Act and our insurance agency may not see eye to eye. But, this is what I see. Monique didn’t fly across traffic without hitting another car or seriously injuring herself for no reason. She’s destined to be here. And, whether it’s within this job or another, she’s meant to do good in this crazy world we live in. That much I know is true.

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