Some Like It Hot!


Great day at the shelter!

When I arrived, the tuna sandwiches were finished and we were only serving soup. Two kinds of soup: cabbage soup and “spicy soup”, which is what we called a hearty lentil soup. A homeless man told me,” See how red my face is? And, see how I’m sweating? It’s not because it’s hot outside. That’s how spicy the soup is!” Then, he asked for more:))

I’m like that, too. When I was in Pakistan, we had a cook for our disaster relief team. He loved adding hot chilies to everything. Even scrambled eggs. My lips would burn for a half hour after each meal. Yet, I loved the food so much that I always checked if there was more available. I could relate to that homeless man easily.

A little later at the shelter, a church group dropped off egg salad sandwiches and lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches. Nice how that all worked out. So many times, I’ve heard the administrator, Christine say, “The Lord will provide.” And, before you know it, a donor is dropping off plenty of food to feed everyone. The shelter feeds about 200 people a day. And I’ve never seen them run out of food yet.

For supper, the cook made a curry beef with rice dish in addition to basmati rice with vegetables and chicken. Smelled delicious!

I worked alongside two women who were regular volunteers and a young man, who just happened to be a young offender fulfilling his community service hours. The young man confided to me that “small, quiet women make me nervous…and there’s three of you!” I told him I would try to be louder! It was a very good day today!

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